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Noticed how fast this page just loaded? We want to do the same for your website! Optimizing Matters partnered with Optimocha to offer you guaranteed performance optimization services at reasonable prices. Check out our services below for more info.


Simple Pricing!

Autoptimize Pro Configuration


(VAT excluded)

We come in and set the configuration of Autoptimize tailored for your website. We make sure nothing breaks in the process. This optionally includes extracting Critical CSS for one page to enable “Inline & defer”. If you need additional Critical CSS configuration, we can do that as well!

Autoptimize Pro configuration includes:

  • Optimal CSS & JS Autoptimize configuration, tailored to your website.
  • Optional critical CSS extraction for 1 page to attain even better results.
  • Optional personalized expert tips on what else to optimize.
  • For an additional €100 we can also configure the "Autoptimize Power-up".

Complete Speed Optimization


(VAT excluded)

We come in and review your entire website, set up various plugins, clean any waste and apply other magic tricks for a measurable performance improvement! Includes a report with before/after comparisons and recommendations about your website setup and your hosting service.

Complete performance optimization solution, tailored to the context of your site and your needs, including for example;

  • Autoptimize Pro configuration.
  • Caching configuration, both server-side and client-side.
  • Image optimization configuration.
  • Pre-report, post-report and comparisons.
  • Optional Additional diagnostics & suggestions.
  • Optional Assistance with server migration.
  • For an additional €100 we can also configure the "Autoptimize Power-up".

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We do for the Complete Speed Optimization package. If your website doesn’t get a significant improvement in page load times, and we tried everything, you will get the entire amount you paid us back (see our Terms of Service for more details)!

How do I pay?

You can pay via PayPal (faster) or a bank transfer (potentially cheaper, esp. when in EU). Upon submission of this form you’ll get a mail with detailed payment instructions.

What is my role in the process?

During the project implementation we expect you to participate to some extent; providing feedback on proposed changes, making a backup (we do too) and testing thoroughly after changes have been made to ensure non-regression (we test as well, but you know your website best after all).

What is your VAT policy?

VAT is not included in the prices above and only applies to individuals in the European Union, rate being 21%. If you’re not in the EU or if you have a EU VAT-number, you are exempt of VAT.

Do you require a staging environment to work on?

It’s perfectly safe because we work with backups from the beginning, but we encourage you to have backups as well! Plus, Autoptimize configuration is absolutely undoable: deactivate the plugin and done! Except in very specific cases we don’t do staging at this point, but we test for non-regression after having made changes to avoid anything major breaks. In general we work without your clients ever noticing!

What does the €149 Autoptimize configuration job do?

The €149 “Autoptimize configuration”-service takes the burden of installing and configuring Autoptimize off your shoulders; we come in, install (if not done yet) and configure Autoptimize in the best possible manner. Considering that WordPress performance depends on more then just JS/ CSS optimization (page caching, image optimization, server specs, plugins used, theme, …), we cannot guarantee a performance improvement (although there often are improvements to be seen) and we don’t offer a money-back guarantee as we do for our €599 full package.

How soon can you start and when will my site be ready?

Projects are executed following a “first in first out” principle. The planning is agreed upon after invoice payment, but in general projects start within 5 working days from payment and take around 15-25 working days (depending on project complexity and our workload). Ask about our €799 "urgent" service if you need results faster than that.

Who we are

Frank Goossens is a seasoned web technology consultant from Ghent, Belgium. He is the developer of the Autoptimize plugin, which he adopted early 2013 and which is currently (Q4 2018) active on over 800k websites. Frank founded Optimizing Matters in 2016. You can follow him on GitHub and Facebook.
Barış Ünver is a WordPress developer & implementer from Ankara, Turkey. Between 2012 and 2016 he published articles on about WordPress before founding Optimocha, a WordPress speed optimization service.  You can follow him on Twitter or GitHub.

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