Add more power to Autoptimize with Pro!

Faster site part 1: optimize images & CDN

AO Pro image optimization and CDN!

Autoptimize Pro can make your site significantly faster by offering on the fly image optimization using modern formats and (nearly) unlimited fast CDN delivery (powered by Shortpixel), all included in the Pro subscription! No additional plugins or services needed any more.

Faster site part 2: automated Critical CSS rules

AO Pro automatically creates rules for Critical CSS

Critical CSS, fully automated rule creation to ensure your CSS is not render-blocking any more, improving First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint. No separate subscription needed, all is included in AO Pro!

Faster site part 3: Boosters

New booster options such as delaying JS or HTML!

The new “Pro Boosters” tab comes with powerful options :

  • Adaptive images: use ShortPixel adaptive images JS to ensure the best image sizes are always used
  • Delay JavaScript: specify which JavaScript should be delayed until user interaction (or 5s), ideal to delay 3rd party JavaScript OR delay all javascript
  • Delay iFrames with support for thumbnails from YouTube, VImeo & Dailymotion
  • Delay HTML: specify which parts of the HTML should only be loaded after user interaction (or 5s), ideal to delay complex below the fold nodes such as the footer or comments.
  • Delay full CSS: delay loading of the full CSS until user interaction (or 5s)
  • Load JS/ CSS from the Shortpixel CDN
  • Remove specific (unneeded) JavaScript or CSS on a site and/ or page/post level
  • Significantly Improve performance for visitors clicking to other pages on your site by preloading pages based on visitor behavior based on the component.
Faster site part 4: page caching

AO Pro improves “server response time”

Most (managed) WordPress hosting companies offer page caching either as server level or via Cloudflare, but if this is not the case your site’s “server response time” or “time to first byte” might be high. In this case AOPRo (as of version 2.0) offers page caching to ensure the server can return HTML as soon as possible.

New in Autoptimize Pro 2.3: delay all JavaScript!

Customers ❤️ AOPro!

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